It is not a secret that with the current health crisis the demand for luxury homes is being strongly increased. And it is that Marbella is an idyllic and fascinating environment to experience this situation in a very different way.

Specifically, luxury villas have become the star product, especially those that exceed 5 million euros.

And it is that the comforts they offer, their spectacular location and having an exceptional climate practically all year round, make these villas an authentic luxury only available to the most demanding and exclusive clients.

Villas de lujo en marbella

Luxury villas in Marbella

The demand for luxury villas and homes in Marbella is increasing considerably this year of 2020. Clients are looking for a secluded and quiet space, where they can relax without having to worry about anything at all.

With all these advantages, Marbella has become a place where investors feel totally comfortable and safe. In addition, high-level national and international investors feel complete peace of mind regarding future inflation.

On the other hand, prestigious architectural and design firms also agree that the demand for projects is being strongly increased. Despite the uncertainty that the current situation represents both at an economic, social and stock market level, investors feel secure with the value of their properties.

Regarding the design of luxury homes or villas, professionals have detected trends in demand in which the largest villas prevail, surrounded by nature in its purest form, sustainable and giving supreme importance to natural light.

Thanks to this, it is possible to create dream spaces, where the buyer or consumer feels a great sense of happiness, well-being, comfort and tranquility.

However, given the increase in demand, it is the clients and investors themselves who are looking for differentiation and exclusivity. Therefore, they place special emphasis on the design of homes or villas, truly unique, different and exclusive.


viviendas de lujo en marbella


Elegant design and exclusive location in Marbella

All the villas share an exquisite and careful design, in addition to using first quality materials for their construction. In this way, a perfect symbiosis is achieved between a sublime decoration and spacious and bright spaces, offering a totally cozy, minimalist and simply spectacular atmosphere.

oportundiades inversión en marbella

Investment opportunities in marbella

Also, the materials with which they are built come into play, and in addition to being top quality materials, they will transport you to other environments and you will feel how the sea and nature combine perfectly to offer you an unbeatable experience.

Everything is thought out in detail to offer an unprecedented final product that meets your expectations and demands.

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